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This completed, signed and dated application form and these terms (including any incorporated terms) form a legally binding contract (Agreement) between the person named on the form (Applicant) and Football Federation Australia Limited ABN 28 106 478 068 (FFA). If the application is successful, FFA will send the Applicant a user name and password. This Agreement sets out the terms on which the Applicant may use the user name and password and obtain access to the FFA system, database or website as specified below (FFA System).


  • the user name and password is personal to the Applicant and cannot be transferred or provided to any other party;
  • to take all necessary precautions and reasonable steps to ensure the security and safety of the user name and password and of the FFA System (including its contents and data);
  • to comply with the FFA Statutes, including (but not limited to) the Member Protection Policy, National Code of Conduct and National Registration Regulations (copies of which are available on (Website) or on request);
  • to comply with FFA Privacy Policy (copy of which is available on the Website or on request) and especially to not disclose any personal information of FFA or Club players or officials to unauthorised third parties;
  • to comply with FFA Online Services Application licence terms as published on the Website from time to time;
  • not to copy, modify, reproduce or destroy any data, content or information contained within the FFA System;
  • to keep confidential all information or material concerning FFA and the FFA System (including all content and information contained within the FFA System) and any other information specified as confidential;
  • not to use, or refer to, the names or logos of FFA without FFA’s prior written consent, including to the media; and
  • he or she does not have any criminal convictions or findings of guilt for offences involving sexual activity, acts of indecency, child abuse or child pornography, the use of narcotics or other offences relevant to persons under 18 years;
  • FFA may conduct a police clearance check or any other probity check; the licence can be cancelled by FFA at any time, including for breach of this Agreement.

I agree to the terms as specified above